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Our Authors

Anece Rochell (The Beautiful Me Series)
Bio : Anece Rochell was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. She is a graduate of the Cleveland Public School System. Two months after graduating from high school, Anece Rochell graduated from nursing school. Her passion for children started early, becoming a pediatric nurse at the age of 18. Even though nursing has been a rewarding career, writing has always been her first love. She wrote her first song at the age of eight, songs evolved into poems, and poems into books. As Anece grew older and became a mom, she noticed the lack of diversity in children's books. Her son had a deep dark skin tone, and she couldn't find characters in books that looked like him, so she decided to write and publish books that uplift, affirm, and inspire children of all colors. Ms. Rochell feels it's imperative for all children to see positive images that reflect self, it encourages children to mirror what they see and develops a positive self-image. In 2016 she published her first children's book (from her Beautiful Me Book Series), entitled, Beautiful Me, which promotes self-love and builds confidence. It is Anece Rochell's goal to continue writing literature that inspires and positively impacts our youth.

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