Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering Beautiful Minds Publishing as your Book Publisher.


Submission Info:

We do not accept anything other than book manuscripts.

We do not publish plays or text books

How to Submit your Manuscript:

Submit your manuscript via email to

Email your book as a Word attachment (if text only) or a PDF for a book with illustrations.

Address your submission to “The Editing Department”

Manuscript Submission Guidelines:

Please read the guidelines carefully and follow the instructions.

What to Send:

Children's picture books

Send a copy of the full manuscript.

*Artwork is not required but please include artwork if you have illustrations.

Chapter books

Send a table of contents with a copy of the first three & last chapter of the book.

Work-books, coloring books, and cookbooks 

Send a copy of the full manuscript.

Please also include:

A one sentence summary of your book (for children’s books)

A brief synopsis of your book in 1-2 paragraphs (for chapter books)

Word count and number of pages for all manuscripts submitted.

Query Letter

Please include Author's biographical information

(name, D.O.B., social media handles, contact info, education, past publishing credentials (if any), etc.)