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Author Visits

School Visits

Having an author visit your school is a wonderful way to get children enthused about reading. Meeting the author of a favorite book can encourage and inspire children to read more and it can also produce future authors!

Please note most authors charge a fee, plus travel (airfare, taxi, parking), and lodging (if needed).

Bookstore & Library Visits

Having an author visit your bookstore or library is a great way to bring attention to the fun of reading. Attending a book reading and/or presentation can be exciting for community members and entertaining for children. A visit from an author can also result in inspired readers and new customers!

Arrange a Visit

To arrange an author visit, reading, signing, or event please call 440.789.6237 or email


You can order books for the author to sign at your event via,, and

Ideas for

Planning Your School Author Visit

Before Visit:

  • Order a copy or copies of the author’s book to read with students.

  • Brainstorm questions for the author.

  • Send a letter and order form home to parents informing them of the author's visit. Create posters or banners to hang in the school lobby for parents, teachers, and students to see, to welcome the author when he or she arrives.

  • Create a book display in the school library or lobby.

  • Publicize the author’s visit in the local newspaper and school newsletter.

Day of Visit:

  • Assign someone to greet the author and show them around the school.

  • Have any props (projector, easel, podium, microphone, etc,) ready for the author. 

  • Provide refreshments and/or lunch for the author.

  • Have a question and answer session for students to interact with the author.

After Visit:

  • Thank the author.

  • Discuss students favorite moments from the visit.

  • Display photographs of the event where the staff, students, and parents can view it.

Ideas for

Planning Your Bookstore or Library Author Visit

Before Visit:

  • Create flyers and/or posters announcing the date and time of the event.

  • Post them in your facility and around the community.

  • Invite schools and daycares to attend the event.

  • Order author’s books and create a display with information about the event in front of the store or library.

  • Publicize the author’s visit in the local newspaper and in your newsletter.

  • Post an announcement about the event on your website.

Activities for Day of Visit:

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Play a game based on the author's book.

  • Have the children dress up as a favorite character from the book.

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