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By Anece Rochell

The Indigent: Book of Aniyas

  • While living in the Province of Gardash, Aniyas is growing weary of the dire condition citizens are forced to live in. Gardash is strictly and harshly ruled by Emperor Kadar and the regime.


    Even though she is young and experiencing her own personal growing pains, Aniyas must make the decision to stand and fight against the unjust treatment or to remain docile.


    As this decision is made, secrets are revealed to Aniyas that will alter her life forever. She can become more than she ever imagined, all Aniyas must do, is harness the power that lies deep within. 



    Hardback ISBN-13 : 9781955228077

    Paperback ISBN-13 : 9781955228084

    Publication date : 4/30/2023

    Series : The Indigent

    Pages : 224

    Dimensions : 5.5 x 8.5

    Age Range : 13 - 18




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